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The next step for some projects will be preregistration.

Preregister your experiment

exbuilder comes with a folder called preregistrations to hold your project's preregistration documents. We recommend AsPredicted.org for a simple, straightforward approach to preregistration. From their website:
To pre-register a study on AsPredicted, a researcher answers nine simple questions about their research design and analyses. The platform then generates a short, time-stamped pre-registration document that is easy to share and easy to read.
You can delete the readme.md file inside this folder if you no longer need it.

No preregistration needed

If you don't want or need to preregister, you can delete the entire preregistrations folder from your project. exbuilder does not require or depend on it. You are also free to rename this folder to anything you want, without needing to set an environment variable.